Review – Cover Your Tracks

Title: Cover Your Tracks

Author: Daco S. Auffenorde 

Publisher: Turner Publishing

Release date: October 20th.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This ARC was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions on this book are not affected by this and the words are 100 % my own.

Margo Fletcher, eight months pregnant, is traveling by train from Chicago to Spokane, her childhood home. While passing through an isolated portion of the Rockies in blizzard conditions, the train unexpectedly brakes. Up ahead, deadly snow from a massive avalanche plummets down the mountain. Despite the conductor’s order for the passengers to stay seated, former Army Ranger Nick Eliot insists that survival depends on moving to the back of the train. Only Margo believes him. They take refuge in the last train car, which Nick heroically uncouples in time to avoid the avalanche. The rest of the train is hurled down the mountainside and is soon lost forever in a blanket of snow. Margo and Nick, the sole survivors, are stranded in the snowstorm without food, water, or heat. Rescuers might not arrive for days.

When the weather turns violent again, the pair must flee the shelter of the passenger car and run for their lives into the wilderness. They must fend off the deadly cold as well as predatory wild animals foraging for food. Eventually, Nick leads Margo to shelter in a watchtower atop a mountain. There, we learn that both Margo and Nick have secrets that have brought them together and threaten to destroy them.

First off. I rarely read thrillers or any other “adult” novels. I’ve been rooted in ya, fantasy and contemporary romance for so long that it’s difficult for me to venture out of my comfort zone. But after receiving a message on Instagram from the author and reading the blurb I was left so intrigued that I just needed to read the book.
And I was not left disappointed!


I was hooked just by reading the synopsis and the story kept its hooks in me until I finished the book. This needs to be made into a movie because it has all the elements to make a great thriller on the big screen.

It’s unpredictable. I couldn’t quite figure out how everything fit together and I was so curious that I was glued to the pages.

It has high stakes – Margo is eight months pregnant and practically ready to pop. Would they get rescued in time?

It has mystery – we don’t know anything about these two people and the more we figure out the more questions we get.

It has suspense – holy moly does it have suspense. I am certain my heart rate spiked a few times.

I still have questions about it that I’d love to get cleared up, but this sense of mystery is another element that kept my interest.


Margo is a character we instantly feel for. She’s heavily pregnant and by herself. She is the sole pov in present day and I was rooting for her the whole way through the book, rooting for her and her unborn child.

We shift between the present day and flashbacks for both Margo and Nick where we start to know more about them and what has shaped their lives, but with Nick especially, we slowly uncover what kind of person he really is and I will not spoil anything, but it is one wild ride with him.
Several theories ran through my mind, but it was no way close to what actually happened. And I love that. I love unpredictable characters and how we have to peel back a layer at the time.


The reason why I didn’t give it the last half star was that it sometimes lacked a little momentum and build-up. Some things were over rather quickly where I would have liked to have explored them further. But it was still an amazing story and maybe this book will be my gateway into reading more thrillers.


I was left wanting more. There are some “loose ends” I would like to know how turned out, but overall it satisfied my reading cravings.

I will definitely keep an eye on this author and what she comes up with next.

I highly recommend this book to any fans of thrillers and those who are just looking for a good book.

Cover Your Tracks is published on October 20th.

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