Review – The Great Ex-Scape


Title: The Great Ex-Scape

Series: Destination Love #5

Author: Jo Watson


On the scale of one to worst idea ever, agreeing to give the toast at her best friend’s engagement party when she’s been in love with him for three years was not Val’s finest decision. Nor was accidentally confessing her love to him in front of all their guests, including his fiancee.

Boarding a plane that will take her literally anywhere to get away from the humiliation, Val is pleasantly surprised to find herself on the dazzlingly beautiful island of Réunion where she hopes she can heal her wounded pride, broken heart and bruised knees.

When a painful face mask experiment leads her to a fellow broken-hearted traveller, Alex, they decide to give each other a helping hand and follow a foolproof ten-step plan to get over their respective exes. And so begins their crazy adventure. What could possibly go wrong?

I have said it before and I will say it again – I LOVE JO WATSON’S BOOKS! I have read them all, except for one, but I’m getting to that, and I have loved each and every one of them. When it comes to romantic comedy Jo Watson is up top. Her books deserves so much recognition and praise because they are wonderful works of rom com art. Effortless humour that’ll have you gasping for breath between giggles and blushing from the cuteness of the romance.


Okay. Back to the review.

The Great Ex-Scape has definitely deserved a spot on my top rom com list. It’s naturally witty and funny whilst at the same time it is warm and cute and romantic and… you see where I’m going with this? It’s just everything a great book needs to be.

I find myself drawn to Jo’s writing almost immediately. It sucks me right in and keeps me hooked up until that very last page where I’ll then throw a minor fit that there are not a hundred more pages.

We’re thrown right into the deep end with our main character Val and one of the worst decisions a person can make. Jo has a way of making you want to crawl under your bed and hide from second hand embarrassment all whilst laughing out loud.

Val and the male MC Alex decide out of heartbreak to put their lives in the hand of a ten point guide in a magazine and who at some point hasn’t felt the urge to hand over their life and decision making to someone else? Or is that just me then? And like the summary says, what could possibly go wrong?

I mean, this book has it all – bad haircuts, getting stoned and swinger clubs. Oh yeah, you heard me. And if that isn’t enough for you to rush out and track down a copy of this book, then I don’t know what can.

In term of characters, Jo Watson has hit the jackpot with Val and Alex. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of both of these two and could read about them for another 500 pages if she ever felt the urge to write a sequel. They were funny, embarrassing, realistic and heartfelt.

The pacing was nice and steady, the humour flawless and on point, the language was easy and the pages were turned with such eager that at point I was worried that I might tear some of them (rest assured that the book was not harmed during reading).

All in all (in case you couldn’t tell) this book needs to be read by every book-lover of romantic comedy! Period.

What is your favourite romantic comedy book?

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