Review – One Thousand Stars and You

One Thousand Stars and You

Title: One Thousand Stars and You

Author: Isabelle Broom


This is a review copy from Netgalley. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Alice is settling down. It might not be the adventurous life she once imagined, but more than anything she wants to make everyone happy – her steady boyfriend, her over-protective mother – even if it means a little part of her will always feel stifled.

Max is shaking things up. After a devastating injury, he is determined to prove himself. To find the man beyond the disability, to escape his smothering family and go on an adventure.

A trip to Sri Lanka is Alice’s last hurrah – her chance to throw herself into the heat, chaos and colour of a place thousands of miles from home.

It’s also the moment she meets Max.

Alice doesn’t know it yet, but her whole life is about to change.

Max doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the one who’s going to change it.

Take me to Sri Lanka for I am hooked!

I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, but this book certainly peaked my interest for the island in the Indian Ocean. Alice and her three best friends all turn thirty within the same week, so they decide to skip out on the celebrations back home in England and go on a trip of a lifetime across the globe. Alice has been with her boyfriend, Richard since forever, it’s steady, healthy, but borderline boring as heck, so she welcomes this change of scenery.

On their first night in Sri Lanka, the girls meet Max and Jamal, two fellow British travellers and there’s an instant connection between Alice and Max. But Alice has Richard, so she keeps her distance, but despite her own efforts, the two grow closer as they share the experiences of climbing mountains together, going on safari and get deep with stories about themselves.
Max is dealing with an injury from his time as a soldier and Alice is also scarred from her childhood, which connects them even more throughout their trip.

Set in exotic surroundings where you can practically smell the spices and feel the sun on your face, readers are indulged in a romantic story that grips you from takeoff and doesn’t release you until the final page has been turned, a page that comes far too soon in my humble opinion. I could have used a few more or maybe fifty.

We are taken on a journey through Sri Lanka and it almost serves as a tourist guide to the places to visit if you ever go there. The climbing of Adam’s Peak in the middle of the night to get to the top to watch the sunrise made me want to put on my hiking boots (not that I own any) and go climb a mountain (Denmark doesn’t have any). But that’s what this book did to me. It excelled in selling Sri Lanka as a must-visit country, with its old temples and monks, the white sandy beaches and friendly atmosphere of the locals. It was weaved into the story in an expertly fashion and helped further the story and plot along.

As of characters, I enjoyed all of them in their own way.
Alice is growing out of her comfort zone and is finding out who she truly is and not who her boyfriend or overbearing mother want her to be. And it’s great to see her spread her wings and throw caution to the wind.

Steph and Maureen, her best friends are both very different; Steph is the more relaxed one whereas Maureen is the wild and spontaneous one, leaving Alice in the middle, struggling to figure out where she belongs.

And then there’s Max. On a quest of healing and to prove to himself and the people around him that his injury does not define who he is and Alice helps him with that along the way.

The romance is a slow-burning build-up and you are eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens between the two.

So all in all, an amazing book, perfect for these cold and dark months where you can dream yourself off to exotic places and heated romances.

Do I recommend this book?
Yes. Absolutely.

To whom?
To those ready to go an adventure of self-discovery and surprising romance.


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