Review – Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Title: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli

Series: Creekwood #1


I feel like I’m giving a lot of 4 stars lately, I guess it’s becoming harder for me to give that last star, but finally, this book comes along and I’m throwing stars left and right. And rightfully so. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda deserves all 5 stars. And I’m glad I got to read this before the movie comes out, which sadly, here in Denmark, won’t happen until the middle of June (BUUH).

So, Simon is young guy in high school who hasn’t quite come out yet. He spends a lot of his time online emailing back and forth with someone called “Blue”, who apparently is also gay and goes to the same school. 
But then one day, Simon is approached by classmate Martin, who knows his secret and is threatening to release all these emails to the entire school/world unless Simon helps him be a wingman to get a girl, aka Simon is being blackmailed. So now Simon has to go along, trying to act as if everything is normal although it’s far from the truth. 
Throw in some great friendship, first loves, a school theatre production and you have yourself a great YA story with a loveable twist.

I promise I’ll try and get better at writing these blasted synopsises (so I don’t have to steal from Goodreads every dang time). But hey, chances are, you already know about this book / have already read it, so don’t bother reading the above craptastic synopsis.

Back to the story.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (I can’t quite come to terms with how awesome this title is), is one of those contemporary YA books that I just fly right on through. It’s cute, it’s quirky, it’s a topic that is always relevant and it’s always refreshing to read a book from a guy’s perspective – I don’t know about you, but I tend to read a LOT of books with female MCs (I happen to write female MCs, but am finally changing that, oh yeah).

It’s a book where you, throughout the story, try to figure out who ‘Blue’ is, right alongside Simon and I admit I did not figure it out. And that’s a good thing, because who likes predictability in books? Less of that please.

The characters are likeable, although Simons best friend, Leah, sometimes makes it difficult, but hey, she’s dealing with her own stuff (which is probably why she got her own book, Leah On the Off Beat, just released), but she did annoy me at times.

Simon is, well, how can you read this book and not love Simon Spier? He is put in such a difficult situation and you are just rooting for him to get through unscathed.

The themes of friendship, loyalty and trust plays a big part in this story and of course, nothing ever goes as smooth as you want it to. But that’s real life and this book does a great job at depicting the ups and downs that many can relate to.

The emailing chapters between Simon and Blue were cute, but they were not my favourite. I didn’t even read the end pages with the first emails between the two. But that’s just me being weird and you should of course not skip anything (not that I did, only those end pages).

All in all, fantastic story and I’m so excited to see the movie, when it eventually finds its way here.

Do I recommend this book?

To whom?
To pretty much anyone from the ages of 14 and up. Perhaps younger kids can read it and enjoy it, but there is alcohol and sexual references, but hey, if you can handle it, by all means.
Go for it.

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