Gobstone Alley March Unboxing

I received the March Gobstone Alley box this week and I was super excited. It was only my second box and I haven’t gotten one since October, but I knew I had to get this one because one of the items were a wand! YES! I just got my very first actual wand – not a wooden stick I painted black, no, an actual wand!

But let’s build up the suspense a little and wait with that one until the end.

Because there were a whopping 12 items in this box, I’ve piled some together in some of the photos to make it easier.

So here goes:

One thing that is always included is a candle from Gobstone’s very own Incendio Candles. This time it was Peppermint Toads and I was so pleased! Mint chocolate is my favourite everything so this minty candle was just perfect for me!

Another thing Gobstone has been doing (which I think is so awesome) is include a small vile of either a potion or something from a magical creature. This time it was the truth potion Veritaserum. 3 drops only.

Next batch of items included were:

A Victor Krum wizards card

A Durmstrang crest badge

A Bulgaria Qudditch World Cup 2014 Champions badge

A licensed Hufflepuff tin

Next was a lovely bookmark with a quote from Remus Lupin.

Always also included is a bag of drink from their own brand Cosy Elves and it’s Remus Lupin’s Chocolate tea. There’s chocolate buttons, coffee beans and much more and it smells simply divine! Like a perfect morning.

Next we got a Fantastical Beasts item in form of an application for a wand permit from MACUSA.

Something also included in each box is a small set of Harry Potter trading cards.

Something else Gobstone always include is a wearable item and this month we got a gorgeous Patronus t-shirt. I love the colour scheme.

And finally, we got a wand from Gregorovitch’s wand shop and this was apparently Krum’s wand (though my spoiler card just said mysterious wand). But look how gorgeous it is!

A lovely detail on the side of the box was the description of the wand material.

So that was the March Gobstone Alley box and holy wizard what a box! This is such a great and affordable subscription box and I’ve already ordered the May box (which may or may not include a wand as well).


You can check out Gobstone at where you can also buy previously included candles and wearable items and much more!


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