Review – The Songs in Our Hearts

the songs in our hearts

Title: The Songs in Our Hearts

Author: Chantal Gadoury

4 stars

This book was sent to me as an e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Charlie Blake is a High School junior, who finds herself crushing on Micah Jacobs, a cute and carefree boy who has just returned to town, but thanks to a mean ex-friend, the whole school suddenly knows about Charlie’s crush, including Micah. Awks.
A class project has Charlie teaming up with Micah and as they start to bond through music and old movies, Charlie learns to let go of her past and start embracing the moment and opening herself up to meeting new people. 

But when the project comes to an end, will their story end as well?

This is a classic girl-and-boy-works-together-on-an-assignment-and-then-feelings-happen teen romance book. But I did really enjoy it. I like these kinds of young adult contemporary  books. It was a quick read, like I finished in the same day because I just flew through the story.

Charlie is a character I could really get behind. I felt like she was a character I could relate to in many different ways (both good and bad) and it made her feel that more real to me.

Another thing I could identify with was Charlie’s relationship with her older brother, Josh. I have two older brothers myself and the whole protective older brother perspective is something I’m all too familiar with (and sometimes it’s just downright annoying). Again, making me able to relate to Charlie even more. Two thumbs up for that.

The story itself was a little cliché with the whole class assignment bringing the two main characters together, but I still enjoyed the execution and how it was handled, especially as the author threw in a bunch of movie and music references for Charlie and Micah to bond over.

Would I recommend this book?

To whom?
To those who are just looking for a cute and easy High School romance read and who doesn’t mind some clichés.

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