Review – Voyager


Title: Voyager

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Series: Outlander #3



You guys. If you haven’t jumped on the Outlander band wagon, either the books or the brilliant TV-Show or both… then what on earth are you waiting for?

I didn’t discover Outlander (and I shame myself for it every day) until two years ago when the TV series was out and it started popping up everywhere. I watched the first season of the show and was instantly hooked. So I went out and got the first book, read it and then never looked back. My heart went through the stones at Craigh Na Dun and I doubt it’ll ever return. Not that I blame it.

So anyways, if you don’t know what on earth I’m rambling on about, here’s a brief introduction to the first book, Outlander.

War-nurse Claire Randall and her husband are on their second honeymoon in Scotland after WW2 has ended. Her husband, Frank, is a historian and spends his time discovering his family history going back centuries.
One day they couple go to a place called Craigh Na Dun, an ancient stone circle and Claire starts hearing a strange humming, seemingly coming from the stones. They leave, but she returns and when she touches one of the stones she is transported back to 18th century Scotland. Quite confused, Claire finds herself in the midst of a looming Highlander rebellion and is captured by a band of Scottish rebels. And here she meets the red haired Highlander, Jamie Fraser. 

And that’s all I’ll say about that because otherwise I’ll end up gushing too much and spoiling everything.

Diana Gabaldon released these books way back in the beginning of 1990’s and I wish I’d discovered them sooner. But hey, better late than never.

So, if we focus on Voyager, the third chunky book in the series, I was just floored by how brilliant this whole storyline is. I don’t know how much I want to say about the actual plot, but what I will say is that Claire and Jamie are separated and need to get the hell back together!

The three books I’ve read so far all have the perfect balance of romance and saucy erotic scenes, not too much that you’d think it needs to be relabelled Erotica, but enough to make your cheeks blush.

There’s plenty of action involved, though it is long and sometimes a little tedious – it’s 1050 or so pages long (some in the series are even longer!) and with the thinnest of pages and tightly-packed words it can sometimes feel like a struggle to get through and there were times where I felt like I was getting nowhere.

But, despite all of that, I loved being back with my favourite OTP – Jamie and Claire. They are as destined for each other as Harry Potter and his glasses. They make break a few times, but can always be mended.

Okay, weird comparison, I know, but I wanted you to get the idea of how much these two people are meant to be together.

So, if you aren’t frightened by big books and more adult characters (not everything can be YA) then I suggest you get cracking on Outlander. I’d even say you could watch the first season and then read the book as the TV-Show stays incredible true to the books, even through season 3. The stuff left out was totally alright and not missable, from what I could remember.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this series.

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